Connecting with customers and maintaining that ‘Connect’ is perhaps one of the most tedious job for any business – big or small. It depends on the efforts put in by businesses that decide the fate of such connections either fading away in oblivion or get nurtured into blossoms of beautiful, meaningful, fruitful and life-time ‘Relationships’! Truly understanding this important aspect that can expand your business to new horizons, we have all the capacities and capabilities to develop atypical and unique CRM and CMS based applications meant for your esteemed business. Essentially, MIS-based functionalities are the grey areas that businesses are mainly concerned about. Since your online business primarily aims for retaining as many customers it becomes all the more important that your products and services are presented in a most customer-eccentric manner so as to make them nowhere else but to stick to you.


Some extraordinary CMS development tools designed and enabled by the experts at info Ridge technologies to support this endeavour include:

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We at Info ridge technology provide PHP website development services which are a commonly used programming language with database information. PHP is a high end functional tool that creates dynamic websites that can be developed faster than any other programming language. PHP web designing is one of the strongest areas of our web development process; we create hundreds of website on this platform, which are designed by our professional experts and fulfill the requirement of our client from all over the world.

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Wordpress nowadays is one of the most popular and the topmost Content Management system, and it is very popular among the professional bloggers. A wordpress website has number of plug-ins and themes, which makes it very eye catching. It has also earned popularity among the small and medium SMO/SEO companies. We, at Info Ridge technology have a very good experience of wordpress development and have already made vast range of websites. It holds the authority to manage any type of website, especially when the experts like our developers have designed it.

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Joomla is a part of CMS Website Development which builds powerful online applications and websites that are easy to use and empowers websites of different shapes and sizes. The content publishing professionals and talented programmers of Info Ridge technology provide vast range of website development services, keeping in mind the user-friendly interface for the clients around the world. It is one of the longest and most famous FREE open source projects next to WordPress. It is responsible for many innovations in the PHP / MySQL space that include WordPress, Drupal, Magento and so many others.

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We at Info ridge caters Drupal Website Development which is far out web content management tool as well as a customizable platform which assist in building the right tools to adequate your content management strategy. Drupal is used to create real world enterprise solutions which empower web innovation and used by the business and technology leaders. We are a one-stop solution for all drupal website designing and strategy creation with quality maintenance, which are done by our expert professionals. We create custom Drupal websites using existing Drupal modules.